Photo: Director General Captain Manuel Antonio L. Tamayo delivering his message during the November 2023 Flag Raising Ceremony

After the recent holidays, non-technical employees of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) were able to spend much-needed time with their respective families.

However, for CAAP personnel who needed to report for work, especially those from the Air Traffic Service (ATS), Air Navigation Service (ANS), CAAP Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) personnel, Area and Airport Managers, they were the busiest during the long breaks due to the influx of travelers.

During CAAP’s monthly flag-raising ceremony held last Monday, November 6, Director General Captain Manuel Antonio L. Tamayo personally commended personnel from the ATS, ANS, CSIS, as well as the Area and Airport Managers for a job well done and for another successful implementation of CAAP’s Oplan Biyaheng Ayos: Undas 2023.

It was also a busy, yet productive October for CAAP. Several activities and engagements were held, both locally and internationally.

The Flight Standards Inspectorate Service (FSIS), under Captain Edgardo G. Diaz and Captain Florendo C. Aquino, conducted the annual Approved Training Organizations (ATO) Summit on October 2nd. More than 120 stakeholders attended and participated in collaborative discussions on how to improve existing regulations and their implementation for training organizations.

FSIS also facilitated a Symposium on the Safe Transport of Lithium Batteries by air to further raise awareness among all stakeholders about the dangers of mishandling lithium batteries in flight.

Photo: (Left to Right) Chief Financial Officer Ms. Marianne C. Raymundo, Director General Captain Manuel Antonio L. Tamayo, and Deputy Director General for Administration Atty. Danjun G. Lucas

Building on the success of the Media Crisis Management workshops held last September, the second (2nd) batch of this training was successfully conducted at the Civil Aviation Training Center (CATC), led by the Corporate Communications Office.

A series of coaching sessions with different offices were also held as part of CAAP-wide preparations for ISO certification next year. Accordingly, DG Tamayo asked for cooperation from employees on this endeavor, as more related sessions and familiarization will be conducted to ensure that CAAP will be certified.

Regarding the ongoing reorganization, the Change Management Team, led by HRMD, will be scheduling several town hall meetings, including area centers, to further advise CAAP personnel on the status of the reorganization. This will be the opportunity for all employees to ask questions about the Reorganization Project, become more well-informed, share feedback, and engage in more productive conversations.

The Corporate Communications Office also recently launched the official CAAP News Viber Community. This will be the official platform for sharing CAAP-related news articles. DG Tamayo encouraged CAAP employees to be part of this community to stay updated on CAAP activities, events, programs, achievements, and other general information.

Lastly, the Philippines was represented at the 58th Directors General of Civil Aviation Asia and Pacific Regions Conference (DGCA) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

After being elected as Vice Chair during the 58th DGCA conference, the Philippines has now been chosen to serve as the Chairman for the 59th DGCA. The country is set to host the 59th DGCA in Cebu in October 2024. This serves as a great opportunity for Filipinos to showcase not only its vibrant airports and aviation industry but also the proud Filipino culture and tourism potential.

Parenthetically, during the 58th DGCA, CAAP also entered into a Management Service Agreement (MSA) with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), aiming to establish a framework of collaboration between CAAP and ICAO.

Photo: CAAP Employees at the November 2023 Flag Raising Ceremony in CAAP Central Office, Pasay City