A total of 49 new and promoted employees of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) took their oath of office on March 08 and 19, 2024 respectively. The ceremonies were conducted at the CAAP Central Office in Pasay City.

On March 08, 12 newly appointed airport managers from the different area centers under the supervision of CAAP took their oath, alongside with 10 new and promoted employees assigned in various offices such as the Human Resource Management Division, Air Navigation Service, Asset Management Division, Supply Division, International Civil Aviation Coordinating Staff, Flight Standards Inspectorate Service, and CAAP Security and Intelligence Service.

Meanwhile, 27 employees designated to other offices of CAAP including the Aerodrome and Air Navigation Safety Oversight Office, Internal Audit Service, Aerodrome Development and Management Service, Corporate Communications Staff, Air Navigation Service, Flight Standards Inspectorate Service, and Administrative and Finance Service, took their oath of office on March 19.

Both oath-taking ceremonies were presided over by Deputy Director General for Administration Atty. Danjun G. Lucas. Congratulations!