Press Release
31 July 2023

Photo: Director General Captain Manuel Antonio Tamayo delivering his message to the course participants

Pasay City – The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) concluded on 28 July 2023, the month-long Supervisory Management Course (SMC) Batch 02/23 with a closing ceremony held at the Civil Aviation Training Center (CATC).

The SMC is a training course offered to CAAP and other civil aviation organization personnel presently performing first level supervisory functions, including those that are being developed for such positions.

Participants of the SMC learn various topics and skills vital to supervisory management including written and oral communications, conflict and stress management, change and crisis management, public financial management, as well as leadership credibility, among others.

Addressing the twenty-nine (29) participants of the SMC batch 02/23, CAAP Director General Captain Manuel Antonio Tamayo urged, “As you continue your journey towards becoming supervisors and leaders in your respective departments and divisions, may you embrace challenges with courage, determination, creativity, and open mindedness, as successful teams are managed by such leaders.”

The course aims to provide participants with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to perform effective management skills in any level of supervisory functions that can make themselves and their subordinates achieve the company’s objectives as well as their own.

By conducting such courses CAAP continues to fulfill its objective of guaranteeing that it has a dedicated, professional, and technically-competent workforce.

Photo: Supervisory Management Course (SMC) Batch 02/23 “Kadasig”