CAAP Press Release

02 March 2024

A mock aircraft caught on fire was used during the first-ever full-scale emergency exercise at Tacloban Airport on February 28.

The drill simulated three consecutive scenarios. First involved responding to an aircraft that became a victim of a bird strike, sucking in multiple geese into its starboard engine, causing significant damage to the aircraft when debris from the engine impacted the plane.

Later on, the Pilot-In-Command declared a Mayday and notified Tacloban Air Traffic Control Tower to request a priority landing. Consequently, the PIC lost control of the aircraft, leading to a crash into the waterway canal, resulting in a fire engulfing the aircraft.

Additionally, another scenario was introduced, wherein an explosion occurred due to a hidden explosive in unattended baggage while emergency responses were underway, promptly addressed by security personnel from CAAP Area VIII and the PNP Aviation Security Unit’s Explosive Management Division.

Some passengers simulated injuries and wounds received treatment.

The simulation exercise tested the readiness of the airport and its partners, assessing their response capabilities in handling multiple and simultaneous emergencies.

On the other hand, a bomb explosion exercise was also conducted at the vehicular parking area at Bicol International Airport on February 29. The activity was facilitated by personnel of the Aviation Security and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) V in coordination with the AVSEU-Bicol International Airport Police Station, BIA- Security and Intelligence Service, and its contracted private security agency.