Press Release

19 October 2023

Dhaka, Bangladesh – After having been elected as the Vice Chair for the 58th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation Asia and Pacific Regions (DGCA) last 16 October 2023, the Philippines, as represented by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), has been chosen to serve as the Chairman for the 59th DGCA. The country is set to host the event in Cebu in October 2024.

The future hosting was met by enthusiasm from various member states as well as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Secretary General Juan Carlos Salazar himself, stating, “Congratulations, and thank you, Philippines for hosting the DGCA in Cebu next year. We are all excited to be there.”

Photo: ICAO Secretary General Juan Carlos Salazar

The turnover ceremony was witnessed by Secretary General Salazar, Philippine Ambassador to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives Leo Tito L. Ausan, Jr., ICAO Asia and Pacific (APAC) Office Regional Director Tao Ma, and the rest of the delegates as the current host country, Bangladesh, turned over the ICAO flag to the Philippines.

Unveiling the theme for next year’s annual conference, “Shaping the Future of Air Transport: Sustainable, Resilient, and Inclusive,” CAAP Director General Captain Manuel Antonio Tamayo invited the delegates to join and experience Philippine culture, history, and hospitality.

Photo: CAAP Director General Captain Manuel Antonio Tamayo

“We believe that the aviation industry has a responsibility to adapt to change, ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate and benefit from the gains of the industry, as well as to balance socioeconomic and environmental needs without compromising the life of our future generations,” Director General Tamayo said. “Truly, the way forward now is to build a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive air transport sector, and by coming together, joining forces, and sharing best practices, we believe that this is achievable. The Philippines looks forward to working with all of you to make next year’s conference a success.”

The DGCA is the annual gathering of directors general of aviation in the Asia and Pacific Region, wherein discussions and side meetings on various subject areas are held. The efforts of the attending member states in relation to topics such as aviation safety, aviation security, air navigation, aviation and the environment, and the economic development of air transportation, among others, are also discussed. CAAP is the national aviation authority of the Philippines, representing the country in the international aviation community as a member-state of the ICAO. The ICAO is a specialized agency of the UN in matters concerning the development of global air transportation and the harmonization of principles in air navigation.