CAAP Press Release

19 February 2024

Pasay City- The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines is set to develop a Civil Aviation Masterplan aimed at improving the country’s aviation safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

With this initiative, CAAP will conduct a review of the current state of civil aviation in the Philippines, including infrastructure, operations, regulatory framework, national and regional policy, and international standards.

Following this assessment, a benchmarking analysis will be conducted to compare it with those of other ASEAN countries as well as the best practices observed in the European Union.

To ensure the successful development of the master plan, the Philippines received technical assistance from EASA, which included two experts, following a bilateral meeting with Mr. Luc Tytgat, Executive Director of EASA, held during the 58th Conference of Director Generals of Civil Aviation in Asia in Bangladesh last October 2023.

Upon completion of the master plan, it will ensure safe, efficient, and sustainable air transport in the Philippines aligned with international standards, while fostering inclusivity, economic growth, and comprehensive development