An RPAS Operator Certificate is required for an individual or organization who uses a Remotely Piloted Aircraft for business/commercial purposes with revenue generation.


Concerned Office Flight Operations Department of the Flight Standards Inspectorate Service, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.
Email Address
Telephone No. Trunkline (02) 8246-4988
Local (2105)



  1. The operator is duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the law of the Philippines;
  2. The operator has the required facilities and equipment appropriate to carry out RPA proposed operations;
  3. The operator has enough qualified and experienced personnel to safely undertake the proposed operations; and
  4. The operator has suitable practices and procedures to conduct operations.


VALIDITY: Three (3) Years





Phase 1:


In this phase, the applicant will submit their Letter of Intent and Pre-Application Statement of Intent to CAAP.


A meeting will be set to discuss the certification process and require the applicant to submit all necessary documentary requirements.
Phase 2:

Initial Application Review

The applicant will submit all the documentary requirements listed below to CAAP for initial review to ensure its completeness and whether the same is in accordance with the requirements prescribed for ROC.


If the applicant’s submission is not complete, all submitted documents must be returned immediately with an explanation of the deficiencies.
Phase 3:

Document Conformance

In Phase 3, the evaluation is focused on the form, contents, and technical quality of the submitted documents to ensure that the documents submitted are in accordance with the relevant regulations for ROC.
Phase 4:

Demonstration and Inspection

CAAP will finalize plans to conduct facility and equipment inspections and evaluate the demonstration of the applicant’s ability to perform and operate in accordance with the procedures and guidelines described in the submitted operations manual.


If the applicant satisfactorily demonstrated the procedures and guidelines described in their operations manual and the inspection of the facility and equipment have been fully conducted, CAAP will inform the applicant to pay the prescribed fee of Php32,500 (exclusive of VAT) for ROC.


For on-site inspection, an additional fee may be charged.

Phase 5:

Final Certification

CAAP approves the application and a certificate will be issued to the applicant.


The Certificate must be received by the applicant before conducting any RPA operations for revenue purposes.

  Congratulations! You are now an RPAS Operator Certificate Holder



  • Letter of Intent addressed to the Director General through the Assistant Director General II – Flight Standards Inspectorate Service
  • Pre-Application Statement of Intent (PASI) – click here to download
  • User’s Manual issued by the Manufacturer
  • Operations Manual
  • Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) issued by the Civil Aeronautics Board (for agriculture operations)
  • Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Special Certificate of Airworthiness (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of RPA Controller Certificate
  • Photocopy of RPA Certificate of Registration
  • Corporation Documents (SEC/DTI)
  • Secretary’s Certificate (for Corporations)
  • Organizational Chart
  • Pictures of Facilities and Equipment
  • Photocopy of Official Receipt of appropriate fees