All Remotely Piloted Aircrafts used for commercial operations, regardless of weight, must be registered with the Authority.

Further, non-commercial Large RPAs, with a gross weight of 7kg and above, shall be duly registered with the Authority. This includes custom-built drones and drones built from a kit or off-the-shelf.

Please remember that users will be held accountable for all activities involving the RPAs registered under their names.

Concerned Office Airworthiness Department of the Flight Standards Inspectorate Service, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.
Email Address
Telephone No. (02) 8246-4988
Local (2113)



1 Submit a Letter of Request for reservation of RPA Registration Marking. In the letter, indicate the Model & Serial Number of your RPA and address it to the Flight Standards Inspectorate Service.
2 Await for the Letter-approval issued by CAAP indicating your assigned RPA-Marking.
3 Once approved, secure your Order of Payment Slip from a Registration Officer of the Aircraft Registration Section, Airworthiness Department.


Order of payment slip (OPS) may be provided through a request via email at

4 Bring your Order of Payment Slip and Pay the prescribed fee of Php 1,500 + 12% VAT at the CAAP Cashiering Office.
5 Submit the documents provided in the checklist below. The Airworthiness Department of the CAAP will evaluate and verify your submitted documents.
6 After the review, if the AWD finds all submitted documents satisfactory, you will be scheduled for the inspection of your RPA.  However, if any document/s are deemed to be insufficient or immaterial, you will be notified of the deficiency.
7 During the inspection, AWD will verify your RPA serial number. The AWD will also check the placement of the marking, whether it is waterproof, and made of weather-resistant inks, paints, or permanent stickers.


For on-site inspection, a fee may be charged.

8 After the inspection, all documents will be processed to finalize the registration of your RPA.
9 Claim your RPA Certificate of Registration at the Airworthiness Department.
10 Congratulations! You have successfully registered your RPA.



  • Notarized Registration Form (CAAP Form 1028-1)
  • CAAP Prescribed fees and/or penalty
  • Letter of Intent
  • History of Ownership (If the aircraft for registration was not purchased from the registered owner.)
  • Copy of Letter-request for the reservation of RPAS Registration Marking.
  • Copy of Letter-approval issued by CAAP for the reservation of RPAS Registration Marking
  • Colored photograph of the RPAS with Philippine Registration Marking
  • Documentary Evidence of Ownership
    • Invoice
    • Affidavit of Ownership
    • Other related documents
  • Secretary’s Certificate (if applicable)
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Import Document
  • DTI Certificate or Corporation Documents issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Certificate issued by CAAP
    • ROC
    • Certificate of Authorization
    • Others: ­­­­­­­­­­­­________________
  • Insurance Policy
  • Documents stating the specifications of your