A. Landmarks and Attractions Near Puerto Princesa International Airport

1. Don Pedro Vicente Park- Puerto Princesa International Airport is located less than 1 km away from Don Pedro Vicente Park. The said Park is located in front of the Provincial Capitol Building along Rizal Avenue. (Annex a)
2. Palawan Heritage Center- An interactive museum showcasing the history and culture of the Palawenos. It is located in the Palawan Capitol and is easily accessible by different modes of transport. It is 2.1 kilometers away from the Puerto Princesa International Airport.

B. Location of Puerto Princesa  International Airport (Annex b)

The Puerto Princesa International Airport is the main gateway into Palawan, it is conveniently located 2 kilometers from the city proper. This airport has been modernized to cater to the needs of the travelling public, allowing for a very comfortable arrival or departure. This airport features ample air conditioned lounges, including smoking areas, food and beverage stalls, and souvenir stands.

Annex B

C. Available Transportation Accessible to Passengers around Puerto Princesa International Airport

C.1. Taxi– Metered-taxi are readily available to all arriving passengers. The designated taxi parking area is located at the outer lane in front of the arrival area for easier access of incoming passengers (they are only allowed to utilize this area after 15mins the aircraft arrived). (Annex c.1)

C.2. Van– Tourist or transport vans are also available inside the PPIA premises particularly at the parking area. However, only vans with advance booked passengers are allowed to enter the Airport to avoid illegal transactions. Walk-in passengers who wish to visit tourist destinations at Palawan municipalities are advised to go to the Puerto Princesa Land Transport Terminal at New Market, Brgy San Jose, Puerto Princesa City. (Annex c.2)

C.3. Public Utility Vehicle (Multicab)– This can be accessed outside the Airport while the passengers are leaving the premises. (Annex c.3)

D. Contact Numbers for Puerto Princesa International Airport

Puerto Princesa International Airport Operation Center
Area & Airport Manager
(048) 433-4965

E. Concessions in the Puerto Princesa International Airport