The Aircraft Accident Investigation and Inquiry Board (AAIIB) is directly under the Office of the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. The Head of the AAIIB is responsible to The Director General for the management of all aircraft accident/incident investigations conducted by the AAIIB.

The AAIIB is responsible for the investigation of air accidents and incidents involving civil aircraft occurring within the Republic of the Philippines; or occurring outside the Republic of the Philippines involving a Republic of the Philippines registered aircraft or aircraft operated by a Republic of the Philippines Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holder.

The investigation conducted by AAIIB is independent of the investigations by judicial authorities and of enforcement and legal entities that apportions blame and liability in the Republic of the Philippines.

The key functions of the AAIIB are:

  • To implement the Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention).
  • To conduct independent and objective investigation of accidents and incidents in accordance with the Republic of the Philippines’ law and international best practices.
  • To promote aviation safety through the investigation of accidents and incidents and the identification of safety deficiencies so that accidents may be avoided in the future.
  • To administer a voluntary and non-punitive confidential aviation incident reporting system.
  • To educate the industry and the public on ICAO’s philosophy of investigation.
  • To maintain the confidence of the aviation industry and the public in aviation safety through the investigation of accident and incidents.