To be the best provider of technical expertise indispensable in the development and maintenance of airports.


To develop and maintain all national airports based on international standards, thereby providing the public with safe and convenient facilities.

The Aerodrome Development and Management Service provides the following services:

• Compiles and analyzes statistics of cargo, passenger and aircraft movements at national airports.
• Evaluates, monitor and process the contracts for Concessions in all national airports.
• Conducts training, inspection, evaluate and determine the CFR capability, prepare POWs and monitor CFR operations nationwide.
• Evaluates Height Clearance for proposed and existing structures and obstructions within the vicinity of the airports.
• Evaluates and recommends the issuance of Notice to Airmen.
• Conducts survey at proposed airports and existing national airports for development/improvement.
• Conducts inspection, evaluation and preparation of POWs for the repair and improvement of all national airports.
• Supervises the improvement, repair and maintenance of airport facilities.
• Conducts inspection and monitoring of on-going and completed infrastructure projects and airport facilities in all national airports.
• Provides technical assistance in the detailed engineering and implementation of the foreign assisted projects.


• Identifies the current and future requirements of each airport in the National Airport System and prepares corresponding budgetary costing for airport maintenance and development.
• Recommends priority projects for airport maintenance and development.
• Initiate the conduct of Master Planning Study in order to determine the medium and long term airport requirements including the identification of new airport development.

Conducts survey works relative to:

• Improvement and maintenance
• Development and construction
• Airport properties and facilities
• Airport operations (Operational Hazard Report, Obstructions, Height Clearance and special projects)
• Prepares detailed engineering of all airport maintenance and development projects.
• Implements and supervise airport Infrastructure projects.
• Implements and supervise the repair and maintenance projects of all National Airports requiring technical expertise not available within the Area Center.
• Conducts aeronautical evaluation for height limitation of all existing and proposed structures within the area of jurisdiction of all National Airports to include private airstrips and heliports in accordance with the IRR of the CAAP.
• Preparation/Updating of airport information and particulars for compliance with safety standards.
• Establish and applies supplemental Standards and Procedures unavailable under Annex 14 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) necessary in the interests of safety in civil aviation.
• Establish, updates and monitor Aerodrome Operations Manual, Aeronautical Information Publication, Bird strike Manual, Safety Management System Manual, Airport Emergency and Preparedness Program for all National airports, private airstrips and heliports.
• Conducts trainings (basic, refresher, advance, re-currency and Airport emergency exercise) for Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) personnel.
• Evaluates and updates Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting capabilities of all National airports.
• Monitors and evaluates airport maintenance and development projects as to compliance to approved plans and specifications.
• Issues Aerodrome Rating Certificate to all National airports to include private airstrips and heliports.
• Conduct inspection and regular monitoring of all National airports including private airstrips and heliports to ensure compliance with existing Standards and Regulations.