This webinar series features a variety of sessions that will bring the audience direct
insights from resource persons from the CAAP and industry experts who will discuss
fundamental but important topics relating to RPAS as well as the recent developments
in the industry. It is aimed at encouraging a responsible and informed drone ownership
which can significantly increase operational safety while fostering growth in the RPAS

Part I
RPAS Regulations and Basic Operations

The first part of the Webinar series takes us all back to the basics. The rules, the
operational environment of unmanned aircraft and the fundamental skills every beginner
and professionals alike should know and should always remember before taking off to
ensure not only the operator but also the general public’s safety.

Part II
Controller Certification

Interested to apply for a license? The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
requires all RPAS operators to be knowledgeable, trained, experienced and otherwise
qualified. The second part of the series talks about the importance of having a license to
the safety of the public and allows the interested drone operators to have an overview of
the RPA Controller Certification process.

Part III
RPA in Philippine Airspace

The performance characteristics of RPAs may not be like that of a typical manned
aircraft and may pose some challenges for air traffic controllers. In order to integrate it
seamlessly into the airspace, they must, as much as possible, comply with the
operational procedures that exists for manned aircraft and flight operations so as not to
pose safety risks to persons, property or other aircrafts. This session aims to educate
the public of the technicalities of RPAS registration especially those used for
commercial operations.

Part IV
Operator Certification and Industry Updates

In the age of rapid technological advancement and cut-throat competition, the RPAS
industry provides countless potentials to consider. This session provides insights to both
established and start up companies, giving you a nutshell overview of the diverse,
trending and growing industry of drones and the process that will bring you a step closer
to your own drone business.

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