Category: Civil Aviation Regulations - Air Naviation Services (CAR-ANS)
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pdf.pngPart 01 Governing Aerodrome and Air Navigation Service Safety Oversight HOT
pdf.pngPart 10a Regulatory Requirements on the Operation and Maintenance of Communications, Navigation, Surveillance, Airfield Lighting and Power Systems Services
pdf.pngPart 11 Governing Air Traffic Services
pdf.pngPart 02 Governing Aeronautical Telecommunications: Communication Procedures with PANS Status
pdf.pngPart 04 Governing Aeronautical Charts
pdf.pngPart 03 Governing Aeronautical Meteorological Service
pdf.pngPart 08 Governing Voice Communications Systems
pdf.pngPart 15 Governing Aeronautical Information Services
pdf.pngPart 07 Governing Digital Data Communications Systems
pdf.pngPart 05 Governing Units of Measurements to be Used in Air and Ground Operations
pdf.pngPart 06 Manual of Standards for Radio Navigation Aids
pdf.pngPart 09 Manual of Standards for Surveillance Radar Systems
pdf.pngPart 10b Governing Regulatory Requirements for ATM Service Providers