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pdf.pngMC 01-12 Signing Authority for CAAP Advisory Circulars, Bulletins and Directives HOT
pdf.pngMC 02-12 Delegation of Signing Authority for CAAP Re-validation abd Re-certification Process and Related Communications and Documentations Except Issuance and Signing of Air Operators Certificates (AOC's) HOT
pdf.pngMC 05-12 Repeal of Subsection (c) of the Civil Aviation Regulations HOT
pdf.pngMC 06-12 Implementation of Five (5) Phase Certification Process HOT
pdf.pngMC 09-12 Supplemental Philippine Aviation Regulations to Part 2 (Personnel Licensing) on Reinstatement Privileges of Expired License HOT
pdf.pngMC 10-12 Supplemental Philippine Aviation Regulations to CAAP-Resolution and Enforcement Manual (REM) HOT
pdf.pngMC 11-12 Supplemental Rules and Regulations on Approval and Registration of Wet Lease Arrangement and Operation of Foreign Registered and or Owned Airacraf HOT
pdf.pngMC 13-12 Rules and Regualtions on Staffing Requirements for FSIS' Certification, Audit and inspection Activities HOT
pdf.pngMC 14-12 Ammendment of PCAR on Limitation of Priveleges of Pilots Who Have Attained their 60th and 65th Birthday HOT
pdf.pngMC 18-12 Importation Requiremetns for Aircraft and Aeronautical Products HOT
pdf.pngMC 21-12 CAAP Supplemental Regulations on the Procedures for Registration of Aircraft, Outlining Forms and Related Guidelines HOT
pdf.pngMC 22-12 Conversion of All Airmen Licenses to Plastic Identification Card HOT
pdf.pngMC 23-12 Supplemental Guidelines in the Inplementation of CAAP Ground Instructor License HOT