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pdf.pngMC 01-17 Adoption of ICAO Annex 6 Part 1 Ammendment 41, Annex 6 Part 2 Ammendment 35 and Annex 6 Part 3 Ammendment 21 to PCAR Part 7 HOT
pdf.pngMC 03-17 Clarification on the Procedures and Documentary Requirements in Re Profeciency Checks Conducted by Designated Check Airmen (DCA) HOT
pdf.pngMC 05-17 Ammendment to Philippine Civil Aviation Regualtions - Air Navigation Services Part 3 Incorporating Amendment 77A and 77B to Annex 3 HOT
pdf.pngMC 09-17 Application of Human Factor Principle for Aerodrome Emergency Plan (AEP)