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pdf.pngMC 01-14 Amendment to the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulation (PCAR) Part 7 HOT
pdf.pngMC 02-14 To All Holders, Shippers, Cargo Agencies, Freight Forwarders, Ground Handling Services Providers, AMOs and ATOs HOT
pdf.pngMC 04-14 Supplements to the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations (PCAR), Part 8 HOT
pdf.pngMC 07-14 Implementation of the Conduct of Pre-Placement Diagnostic Examinations nad MedicalPhysical Examinations HOT
pdf.pngMC 08-14 All Chiefs, OICs, CAAP Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) Area Centers I - XII HOT
pdf.pngMC 09-14 Merger & Consolidation of Entitirs with CAAP-issued Aviation certificate HOT
pdf.pngMC 10-14 Amendments to PCAR Part 2.2.7 - Language Profociency HOT
pdf.pngMC 11-14 Prescribing the Guidelines That Shall Govern the Grant of DeathSeperation Benefits to CAAP Officials and Employees Who Die in the Line of Duty HOT
pdf.pngMC 12-14 Operational Management of CAAP-owned Vehicular Parking Areas HOT
pdf.pngMC 14-14 Additional Regulatory Requirement to PCAR Part 2.11.4 - Guidelines for Addl Endorsement & Rating for CCM License HOT
pdf.pngMC 15-14 Amendment to PCAR Parts and HOT
pdf.pngMC 17-14 Operations of Foreign-Registered Aircraft HOT
pdf.pngMC 18-14 Acceptance of ATM Safety Management System HOT