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pdf.pngC17-059-06 Supply and Delivery and Installation of Batteries for the UPS at Tagaytay Radar Facilities Complex HOT
pdf.pngC17-060-06 Supply, Delivery and Installation of 3KVA for UPS at Tagaytay Radar and Masbate Airport HOT
pdf.pngC17-061-06 Supply, Delivery and Installation of 8KVA for UPS for the Equipment Room at General Santos Airport HOT
pdf.pngC17-062-06 Proposed Rehabilitation of COA Office at CAAP Main Building HOT
pdf.pngC17-063-06 Supply and Delivery of Materials for the Improvement of ADMS Conference Room at CAAP Central Office HOT
pdf.pngC17-064-06 Purchase of Janitorial Supplies for the CAAP Central Office HOT
pdf.pngC17-065-06 CAOCSP Batch 03 Indoctrination Polo Shirt
pdf.pngC17-066-07 Supply and Delivery of 2HP Window Type Air Conditioning Unit HOT
pdf.pngC17-067-07 Supply and Delivery 3 units of Senior Executive Chair and 10 units Junior Executive Chair HOT
pdf.pngC17-068-07 Supply and Delivery of Handheld Metal Detector HOT
pdf.pngC17-069-07 Supplky and Delivery 3 units of 16 inch Multi-functional Floor Polisher and 5 units of 10 inch Heavy Duty Floor Polisher HOT
pdf.pngC17-070-07 Supply andDelivery of Hydraulic 3 Spindle Paper Drill for AIS
pdf.pngC17-072-07 Supply and Delivery of 2 Layer Bunk Beds with Foam Mattresses for ATS Quarters