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pdf.pngC17-030-04 Supply and Delivery of Laser Range for AAIIB HOT
pdf.pngC17-031-04 Supply and Delivery of VHF Handheld Air Band Transciever for AAIIB HOT
pdf.pngC17-032-04 Supply and Delivery of Handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) for AAIIB HOT
pdf.pngC17-034-04 Supply and Delivery of Laptop Computer for AAIIB HOT
pdf.pngC17-035-04 Purchase of Consumable parts of Card Printer for the issuance of CAAP License HOT
pdf.pngC17-036-04 Purchase of Musical Instruments HOT
pdf.pngC17-037-04 Improvement of Existing Comfort Room at Ground Floor of Annex Building at CAAP Complex HOT
pdf.pngC17-039-04 Purchase of Materials for the renovation of proposed additional AANSOO Iffice (former ICACS Office) HOT
pdf.pngC17-040-04 Purchase of Digital Camera for AAIIB HOT
pdf.pngC17-041-04 Supply and Delivery of ACU Compressor for 5-Ton floor mounted Air conditioning units for the equipment room at Manila Tower / NAVAIDS Facility HOT
pdf.pngC17-042-04 Supply and Delivery of Parts and Accessories for Airfield Lighting System at Tacloban Airport HOT
pdf.pngC17-043-04 Supply and Delivery of Clothing Accessories Batch 3 Trainees HOT
pdf.pngC17-044-04 Supply and Delivery of Laser Range Finder for AAIIB HOT