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pdf.pngC17-015-03 Supply and Delivery of Timer Board for Runway Threshold Identification Lights (RTIL) at Dumaguete and Kalibo Airports
pdf.pngC17-016-03 Supply and Delivery of Coaxial Detector at Manila Radar and Tagaytay Radar Facilities
pdf.pngC17-018-03 Purchase of Refrigerator and Washing Machine (Heavy Duty) to be used at CAOCSP Living Quarters
pdf.pngC17-019-03 Proposed Rehabilitation of COA Office at CAAP Main Bldg
pdf.pngC17-021-03 Supply and Delivery of Thirteen (13) units of Refrigerator for use of various CAAP Offices
pdf.pngC17-022-03 Purchase of One (1) unit Central Processing Unit (CPU) and peripherals for AEB
pdf.pngC17-023-03 Procurement of Clear Book for ATS-SMS/ICAO Audit Preparation
pdf.pngC17-024-03 Procurement of 10 x 70 Binoculars for ATS Facilities
pdf.pngC17-025-03 Supply and Delivery of Bulbs and Accesories for Airfield Lighting System (AFLS) at Laguindingan and Kalibo Airport
pdf.pngC17-026-03 Procurement of Flight Progress Strips for ATS Facilities
pdf.pngC17-028-04 Emergency repair of ORCC flooring at Roof Deck Main NEW
pdf.pngC17-029-04 Renovation of Old ORCC Office for the new AANSOO Office at CAAP Main Bidg NEW
pdf.pngC17-030-04 Supply and Delivery of Laser Range for AAIIB NEW