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pdf.pngC17-001-01 Supply and Delivery of Materials for the renovation of Old ORCC Office for the new AANSOO Office at CAAP Main Building HOT
pdf.pngC17-002-01 One year Supply and Delivery of Purified Drinking Water to CAAP Main Office HOT
pdf.pngC17-003-01 Supply and Delivery of Tires, Batteries and Tools for CAAP Service Vehicles HOT
pdf.pngC17-004-02 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Workstations for the Improvement of Procurement Division Office HOT
pdf.pngC17-005-02 Supply and Delivery of Field Uniform of AFPDD Personnel HOT
pdf.pngC17-006-02 Supply and Delivery of Men / Women CAAP Fun Run Shirt and Committee / Support Staff Polo Shirt HOT
pdf.pngC17-007-02 Supply and Delivery of Basic Uniform for CAOCSP Batch 2 Trainees HOT
pdf.pngC17-008-02 Supply and Delivery of Sportswear for CAOCSP Batch 2 Trainess HOT
pdf.pngC17-009-02 Supply and Delivery of Digital Groud Earth Tester for various ANS Facilities HOT
pdf.pngC17-011-02 Calibration RF, Electronic and Electrical Test and Measuring Instruments of Air Navigation Facilities Maintenance Division HOT
pdf.pngC17-012-03 Rental of Lights and Sound System for the CAAP 9th Anniversary HOT
pdf.pngC17-013-03 Supply and Delivery of Bulbs and Accessories for Airfield Lighting System (AFLS) at Tagbilaran Airport HOT
pdf.pngC17-014-03 Supply and Delivery of Parts and Accesories for Airfield Lighting System (AFLS) at Pto. Princesa Airport HOT