MANILA, Philippines (Philippines News Agency) — The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) on Thursday announced the suspension of quasi-emergency procedure during take-offs and landings of President Rodrigo Duterte’s flights.

President Rodrigo Duterte travels from Manila to Davao City in an ordinary commercial flight of the Philippine Air Lines on July 7, 2016.  
Presidential Photographers Division/King Rodriguez


CAAP Director General Capt. Antonio Buendia Jr. signed a memorandum order addressed to all chiefs of facilities/facility in charge and airport managers that the procedure would no longer be implemented effective immediately.

This move for “Kalayaan flights” or flights of the president was done pursuant to the presidential directive. Duterte has repeatedly shunned “special treatment” usually accorded to the president in the country’s airports.

To recall, during the first Cabinet meeting in Malacañan last June 30, the president directed the Department of Transportation to advise the CAAP to change the policy that prioritizes the presidential plane for “take-offs and landing.”

Duterte instead noted that the presidential plane should queue in the same manner as regular flights.

He also previously mentioned that he did not want to be treated differently from other airline passengers. 


 — PNA/Azer Parrocha